Symantec AntiVirus Program Causes 99% CPU Usage?

ccsvchst-exe-processI know it can be frustrating. The way many AV or anti-virus programs work is by actively scanning your machine to prevent threats. When this happens, it can cause a higher-than-normal CPU usage. Unfortunately, this can slow down the other processes you are doing on your computer at that time.

The good news is, the ccsvchst.exe file isn’t a TRUE required system file on your Windows computer for it to work properly. Though it is necessary for Norton (or other Symantec products), it won’t blow your computer up if the process ends.

Some people have said the file itself causes additional memory issues with specific versions of Service Packs installed in conjunction with Windows. No matter what, it’s important to have all your updates and SP updates with Windows, whether you are using XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Here’s a link to the Norton forum where users have posted similar thoughts.

What is the CcSvcHst.exe file?

As I mentioned above, it’s not actually a bug or a virus within the Norton program. It’s required to run some of the applications. It may be responsible for scanning and assisting your computer in preventing viruses and other dangerous files from being downloaded and installed. The ccsvchst.exe file is vital for proper usage of these applications and should NOT be deleted or moved if you want to be able to use the software continuously (and properly).

Also, this process may start more than one instance. That’s usually ok too so don’t be too worried unless you get tons of errors.


Regardless, keep your computer working as it should and keep the process working and you should be fine. If the 99% usage gets annoying, just turn off your program while you are working or playing a game.

What’s with Norton AntiVirus and the errors?

Ever since I installed Norton on my computer, I’ve been getting a couple weird, annoying errors. I’ve used a lot of computers and virus scanners so it’s not something that’s new, it’s just extremely frustrating.

Everything is installed correctly and I have all the updates, but it still ends the program thanks to a stupid error. The file causing the error is the ccsvchst.exe file. The file itself isn’t considered essential for the proper functioning of the system itself, but it is required to run Norton AntiVirus without causing problems.

Some other associated applications are Symantec and some of the scanners from those products as well.

At first I thought I had a virus or something, but in reality, it’s just an annoying error with the file itself. Some sites suggest to delete and reinstall the program. Others suggest running scans to make sure nothing is in fact infected. I think doing both of them will be the best bet to make sure my entire computer is safe and free from viruses or other malicious activity.

I was able to find a detailed writeup on the csrss.exe error and learn a bit about some of the other reasons this error may be showing. Pretty solid info and helpful for most people, especially if you are getting the error and want to get rid of it.

I’m glad I found errorBoss as the articles have been really helpful. You can also check out Symantec for more information or read about malware here.